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1. The Process starts with a call for a free consultation. Liz and Kim will meet with the prospective client to discuss their goals, needs and how SimplySized Home can be of help.

2. Depending on the clients goals, we will provide a written plan detailing the aspects of the job, the estimated hours and cost to complete.

3. We will discuss our proposed plan with the client and outline a schedule to complete the job. Always accommodating the client’s timeline and needs.


4. Upon approval of the plan, Liz and Kim will begin work by sorting contents.

5. We will work efficiently to sort the belongings for the client’s review. All drawers, closets, trunks will be sorted.

6. Items will be sorted into like things. That way, the client can see what they have and choose his/her favorites to keep.

7. All personal memorabilia and photos will be collected for client review.

8. * Nothing leaves a house without the clients approval.

Sell / Consign / Donate / Trash

9. Once the sorting and selection process is complete, the client will be asked to sign off on the remaining goods. A plan for selling, consigning and donating will be discussed together at this time. * The client retains the right to change and keep any of their items at any time during the process.

10. At SimplySized Home we work strictly for the client who has hired us. We receive no financial incentives from any of the antique dealers, consignment shops or vendors we work with.

11. For items that will be sold, we will arrange for review and removal. SimplySized Home works with a reputable antique dealer and a few local auction houses.

12. It is our experience that nearly every item, no matter how worn or old, can be donated. What many may consider trash, others who have nothing, treasure. We strongly support repurposing and donating as much as possible. We have a network of charities that support local and world needs. What one organization will not take, we have found another that will.

13. All donations will be itemized, with values assigned, and paperwork given to the client for tax deductions.

14.Items that are clearly not usable will be considered trash. Trash hauling is the last thing after selling and donating is not an option. All trash is sorted so that all or most of it can be recycled.


15. If our client is moving, we can provide them with resources to make their transition as smooth as possible. Recommendations include realtors, home stagers, moving companies, and professional cleaning services.

16. Kim and Liz will arrange for all shipping, both nationally and internationally.

Staging & Preparing a House to Sell

17. If a client is looking to sell their house, we can help prepare the house for sale. Working with the client’s realtor, we will help declutter the house for showings.

18. SimplySized Home has a bank of resources that can help if the home needs “work” before putting it on the market. We can arrange for painters, carpet cleaners/installers, floor refinishers, upholsterers, and landscapers to help get your house ready for the highly competitive market.

19. We can stage your house using furniture that you already have. There is no need to rent furniture to make your house pretty. Often decluttering surfaces and a rearrangement of furniture is all that is needed.