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Rightsizing and Downsizing with Keith Shortall

Whether you’re getting ready to move into a retirement home, or smaller residential home or apartment, experts offer advice – both practical and financial – on downsizing the right way.

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Are you moving from a large home to a smaller home or retirement community?


Are you an empty nester with an attic full of science projects?


Are you an elder and want to stay in your home, but need
your living quarters rearranged to ensure your safety?


Are you faced with the overwhelming task of cleaning out
a relative’s home and do not know where to start?


Are you ready to simplify the way you live,
but do not know where to begin?

Our Mission

We understand transitions like these are emotionally and physically challenging. At SimplySized Home we will guide you through this process with the sensitivity and dignity you deserve. We will act as the liaison between you, your family and a network of trusted professionals to make the transition as stress-free as possible. We will work diligently and compassionately to ensure that your goals are met.